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Our Services

Below are the services we provide.

Our Goal Is To Give You

The Best Service

At The Best Price Possible

$59 Major Appliance Removal

We remove refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, garbage disposals, dishwashers, microwaves, freezers, mini fridges, ovens, water heaters, cooktops, air conditioners and heaters. For exact prices please click HERE


We remove all types of e-waste. Televisions, computers, VCR's, stereo's, copiers, fax machines and anything else you might have. For prices, click HERE.

Miscellaneous Removal

From treadmills to cardboard boxes to bbq grills, we remove it all. Click on the items above for pricing or click HERE for general junk. For anything else you may need removed, just give me a call or text. 817 739-1472

Furniture Removal

We remove any type of furniture you might have. Whether it be a couch, sofa, sofa chair, sectional, lamps, mattress, box spring, tables, chairs, book cases, no matter what it is, we can haul it all away for you. Please click on the item to see price.

Trampoline Removal

You have come to the right place for trampoline removal! If you want rid of that old eye sore just click HERE for an exact price.

Clean Outs

Garage clean outs, apartment clean outs to house clean outs, we do it all. Commercial & residential just click HERE for more information.

Some things we DO NOT take:


Paint requires specific recycling and can be messy if spilled. We can take a few cans of paint if you tell us about it before hand. 


Vehicle fluids such as gas, oil and any other vehicle type fluids must be recycled properly and we do not have the facility to do that. You must take vehicle fluids to the proper recycling center for disposal.


Guns, ammo, fireworks and pressurized containers must be taken to the proper disposal center to be disposed of. We do not handle any of these due to not being licensed to transport any of these and potential risk of injury.


Toxic and hazardous materials must be disposed of properly. Due to possible risk of injury or health risks we do not take things such as pharmaceuticals, things with blood, feces, needles, infectious waste or used medical treatment items.

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